Atoll Demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

February 18, 2016

Forsk will demonstrate the latest version 3.3.1 of Atoll at the Mobile World Congress from 22nd to 25th February in Barcelona.

Atoll version 3.3.1 includes a number of new technology features, such as enhanced LTE-A. Atoll 3.3.1 also includes new features in the two latest modules released in 2015 with Atoll 3.3: the Live module and the Aster propagation model.

Atoll Live module allows incorporating KPIs and UE/MDT traces in order to combine predictions with real-world information in a number of Atoll features. By combining measurement-based and prediction-based approaches, Atoll provides operators with extended accuracy and a broad scope of use.

Aster is a high-performance propagation model for Atoll that supports macro and micro/small cell urban propagation scenarios. Aster includes advanced ray-tracing propagation techniques and combines high accuracy with superior calculation speed.


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