Forsk Signs OSSii Agreement with Ericsson

October 27, 2016

Forsk announces that it has signed an OSSii agreement with Ericsson.

The OSSii – Operations Support Systems interoperability initiative was initiated to enable OSS interoperability between different OSS vendor’s equipment; it allows independent software vendors (ISVs) like Forsk to interface their products with equipment suppliers through a comprehensive framework from specifications to integration testing.

Through this agreement, Forsk will get access to technical specifications for the development and maintenance of interfaces between Atoll and Ericsson OSS systems. Such interfaces allow operators to integrate KPIs and UE traces more easily into the Atoll Live module and to further streamline their radio planning and optimisation processes.

The Atoll Live module breaks the traditional barrier between prediction-based and measurement-based planning and optimisation tools. Atoll Live module allows incorporating KPIs and UE/MDT traces in order to combine predictions with real-world information in a number of Atoll features. By combining measurement-based and prediction-based approaches, Atoll provides operators with extended accuracy and a broad scope of use.

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