More than 7,000 active Atoll licenses!

November 24, 2015

Forsk announces that the installed base of Atoll, its leading radio planning & optimization software, has now exceeded more than 7,000 active perpetual licenses.

This milestone reflects Forsk’s commitment to its customers and its strong dedication to radio planning and optimization R&D efforts. Atoll Live, newly released in 2015, stems from this commitment by Forsk to deliver the most advanced radio planning & optimization software on the market. Atoll Live enables the combination of live network data such as KPIs and UE/MDT (minimization of drive tests) traces with predictions, breaking the traditional barrier between prediction-based and measurement-based planning and optimization.

As the market leader of radio planning and optimization software, Forsk will continue to expand on its strong R&D investment in order to offer innovative new products to the wireless community.

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