Planning the backhaul of a wireless network is a key activity for wireless operators, as the data volume carried out by mobile networks is growing at a fast pace.

The backhaul of the network can include microwave links and fixed lines such as fibre optics.

Atoll Microwave is a comprehensive mobile backhaul network planning and optimisation software. Atoll Microwave provides accurate modelling and analyses of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links, in LOS and nLOS/NLOS configurations. Atoll supports TDM, packet, as well as hybrid microwave and other, wired and wireless, links as part of a heterogeneous backhaul network. Atoll Microwave can share the same database with Atoll RAN (Radio Access Network) planning and optimisation modules, allowing a smooth collaborative workflow for RAN and Backhaul planning teams.

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