Atoll ASP (Automatic Site Positioning) module is a specialised tool for greenfield network design. It allows wireless operators to automatically plan new site locations according to surface-wise, traffic-oriented, and population-based coverage objectives.

Atoll ASP enables operators to accurately evaluate the number of sites needed to reach coverage objectives, and to compare different deployment options and technical alternatives.

Atoll ASP supports 5G NR, 4G LTE and NB-IoT, 3G UMTS, 2G GSM, and also CDMA and WiMAX.

Configurable Design Strategies

  • Design based on inter-site distance and rules
  • Design based on real-time cell footprint calculation
  • Automatic creation of sites according to the current network coverage

Site Positioning Objectives

  • User-definable design rules by zones and clutter classes
  • Site deployment in multiple zones (urban, suburban, rural, etc.)
  • Site deployment along roads and railways
  • Coverage targets per zone and clutter class
  • Target coverage of population and traffic

Results and Analysis

  • Intelligent implementation plan with the selection of the best sites to deploy
  • Number of sites to achieve the coverage target


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Atoll In-Building Module

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