Atoll 3.3 and its Live module breaks the traditional barrier between prediction-based and measurement-based planning and optimisation tools.

Atoll 3.3 allows incorporating KPIs and UE/cell traces in order to combine predictions with real-world information in a number of Atoll features. By combining measurement-based and prediction-based approaches, Atoll provides operators with extended accuracy and a broad scope of use.

The Live module adds live network data management, processing and display features into the Atoll platform, and enables measurement-based functionalities in technology and optimisation modules.


  • Support for multi-technology KPIs
  • Import and management of KPIs from various sources (flat files and database connections)
  • KPI editor allowing user-definable thresholds and combinations
  • KPI display on map as transmitter or cell coverage/service area attribute

UE/Cell Traces

  • Support for multi-technology UE/cell traces
  • Live connections to multiple UE/cell trace sources (flat files and database connections)
  • UE location and measurement display on map

Measurement and Prediction-based Coverage Plots

  • Measurement-based coverage plots
  • Hybrid coverage and service plots based on a combination of predictions and live-network data

Neighbour Planning

  • Hybrid KPI and prediction-based automatic neighbour planning (ANR)
  • KPI-based tuning of black, white, and neighbour lists

Traffic Modelling and Heat Maps

  • KPI-based traffic demand map combining cell statistics and coverage plots
  • Creation of weighting (heat) maps from UE/cell traces
  • Geographically weighted indoor and outdoor traffic maps based on UE/cell traces

Automated Cell Planning (ACP)

  • Support for prediction-based and KPI-based objectives in the ACP
  • Support for prediction-based and measurement-based heat maps and traffic maps in the ACP
  • Hybrid prediction-based and measurement-based ACP cost function/driving function

Automated Frequency Planning (AFP)

  • Hybrid KPI and prediction-based automatic PCI/PRACH RSI/frequency planning
  • Interference matrices from UE/MDT traces
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