Live-network Data

When planning new sites or additional transmitters, wireless operators can use live-network data coming from the radio access network (RAN)  to enhance coverage plots and identify hot-spots where additional capacity is needed.

Live-network data to be used for optimisation include KPIs derived from performance counters, and mobile-traces. KPIs and mobile traces provide detailed information about the network status, which can be combined with predictions throughout the planning and optimisation phases.

RAN live-network data

The Atoll Live module adds live network measurements to Atoll’s advanced planning and optimisation capabilities. Using live network data, Atoll can provide enhanced coverage plots based on predictions and measurements, network optimisation using the ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) module steered by network performance metrics, superior neighbour, frequency, PCI, and PRACH RSI planning features, and live traffic maps.


Further information about RAN Planning:


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Atoll NB-IoT and 5G Capabilities

By combining measurement-based and prediction-based approaches, Atoll provides operators with extended accuracy and a broader scope of use.

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