Modelling LTE/LTE-A Networks with Atoll 3.3 Webinar

26 and 28 January, 2016

Modelling LTE/LTE-A Networks with Atoll 3.3 Webinar

The  “Modelling LTE/LTE-A Networks with Atoll 3.3” webinar is dedicated to new LTE-A features for network planning and optimisation introduced in the latest Atoll release.

The webinar covers the following topics:

Configuring C-RAN with Atoll

Atoll C-RAN capabilities and the basics of configuring CoMP and Carrier Aggregation features are presented. The network performance improvements are demonstrated during the live demo.

VoLTE service modelling in Atoll

VoLTE settings and coverage analysis are presented. The live demo shows the available service settings, bearer configurations and VoLTE coverage plots.

Parameter planning and optimisation using the AFP

The Automatic Frequency Planning module for LTE is presented in this section. The AFP options are covered to show different types of input parameters that can improve the quality of PCI, frequency and PRACH planning.

Multi-technology network optimization using the ACP

The Automatic Cell Planning helps making the network ready for implementing C-RAN features. New ACP features are demonstrated in this section.

Atoll LTE eMBMS planning and analysis features

Atoll eMBMS general description and the supported features are provided for an efficient broadcast service delivery. Service planning and analysis are described during the presentation.

The Atoll LTE-A features presentation is interleaved with live demos showing examples and use-cases highlighting the software capabilities in building various scenarios. A dedicated Q&A session allows the attendees to find out additional details related to Atoll LTE-A implementation in general and any particular adaptation for a given network.

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