Webinar 'Aster Propagation Model and its mmWave Capabilities'

From September 19 to 21, 2017

Aster is a high-performance propagation model for Atoll that supports macro, micro, and small cell urban propagation scenarios. Aster includes advanced ray-tracing propagation techniques and combines high accuracy with superior calculation speed. Aster has evolved to be 5G-ready and to support high-frequencies above 6Ghz, including mmWave.

During this webinar, we will be presenting the Aster propagation model, its general features and mmWave capabilities through the following examples and use-cases:

  • Small cells and macro cells model tuning
  • 5G fixed wireless deployment

In addition to the main features we will be presenting the unique functionalities that make Aster a preferred choice for an efficient deployment of small cells, macro and mini sites in various dense urban, urban and rural environments.

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Sept 19, 2017
9am (Paris)/3am (New-York)/3pm (Hong Kong)
5pm (Paris)/11am (New-York)/11pm (Hong Kong)

Sept 21, 2017
9am (Paris)/3am (New-York)/3pm (Hong Kong)
5pm (Paris)/11am (New-York)/11pm (Hong Kong)

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