Planning and Optimising IoT Networks with Atoll LPWA Webinar

13 and 15 September, 2016

Planning and Optimising IoT Networks with Atoll LPWA Webinar

The “Planning and optimising IoT networks with Atoll LPWA“  webinar describes the technology modelling in Atoll LPWA module. It addresses the initial planning, deployment and optimisation problems of Internet of Things (IoT) networks based on  LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) technologies. Atoll LPWA module supports LoRa, Wireless M-Bus, Random phase multiple access (RPMA), UNB (ultra-narrow band) and other proprietary technologies.

The following topics are presented during the webinar:

LPWA Technologies and Planning Considerations

This part is addressing the LPWA technology modelling and initial planning considerations. High allowable pathloss, indoor coverage and macro-diversity particularities of the LPWA technologies are discussed.

Atoll LPWA Network Model

The LPWA network model and the related technology parameters as implemented in Atoll are presented in this section. The role of link budget, channel configurations, different device types and the macro-diversity  in the resulting service coverage is explained. 

Designing LPWA Networks with Atoll ACP

The initial phase of LPWA network deployment is an important part of rolling out an IoT network. This process can be automated using Atoll ACP module with dedicated LPWA objectives. The dedicated LPWA objectives include the number of servers target to improve the macro-diversity gain as well as the coverage.

Creating LPWA Service Coverage with Atoll

This part of the webinar presents the coverage maps showing pathloss, signal level and various features related to service area of the LPWA technology. Examples of coverage by different channel configurations (including spreading factors for LoRa) are shown.

Throughout the session live demonstrations are given. Country wide LoRa network deployment is used as an example for a single site design as well as for a network wide service quality assessment.

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