Planning Microwave Links with Atoll 3.3 Webinar

17 and 22 November, 2016

Planning Microwave Links with Atoll 3.3 Webinar

In this webinar, we demonstrate how Atoll Microwave can help design microwave link networks and NLOS backhaul for small cells. We cover the following topics through presentations and live demonstrations: microwave technologies and planning considerations, design of microwave links with Atoll Microwave, end-to-end traffic analysis and backhaul capacity planning using Atoll Backaul Capacity Planning module, design of NLOS links for small cell backhaul in an urban environment.

The webinar covers the following topics:

Atoll Microwave Presentation

In this section, we present the link quality, reliability and performance analysis capabilities of Atoll Microwave along with frequency planning and interference analysis.

Software Architecture and Deployment Scenarios

The Atoll architecture allows the Atoll Microwave module to be deployed in single as well as multi-user environments. This topic shows the deployment scenarios as well as the multi-user management features.

Technology Modelling

In this section, we present the technology modelling capabilities of Atoll Microwave, such as modelling of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave solutions. The frequency bands including the E-Band can be modelled using the propagation models provided with Atoll Microwave.

MW Network Design

Site selections features and subsequent analysis of site candidates are presented here and supported by a live demo.

Backhaul Capacity Planning Module

The Backhaul Capacity Planning module enables the analysis of end-to-end mobile traffic routing and the optimisation of backhaul capacity. The general features and fault management capabilities are briefly described to give an overview of this module.

MW NLOS for Small Cell Deployments

The NLOS backhaul is a specific case of small cell backhaul connectivity solutions. We show an example of using the NLOS solution in a densely build-up area by selecting the best propagation path and adapting the antenna directions accordingly.

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