Atoll includes an advanced multi-technology Automatic Cell Planning (ACP) module that provides integrated network optimisation functions in the standard Atoll user interface. All ACP data and results are stored in the Atoll project files and databases.

The seamless integration of the radio planning and optimisation features provides a direct return on investment from using the Atoll ACP. Atoll ACP is available for 5G NR, LTE, NB-IoT, UMTS, GSM, CDMA, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, and LPWA/IoT technologies.

It supports combined 5G NR/LTE/NB-IoT/UMTS/GSM and 5G NR/LTE/NB-IoT/CDMA optimisation together with small cells and Wi-Fi.

Optimisation Objectives

  • Coverage improvement
  • Capacity enhancement
  • Traffic distribution and throughput maximisation
  • Service quality optimisation
  • Interference reduction
  • In-building multi-storey optimisation
  • EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure mitigation
  • LPWA/IoT server redundancy

Optimised Network Parameters

  • Antenna type
  • Antenna height
  • Antenna azimuth and tilt
  • Cell transmit power
  • Cell on/off

Site Selection

  • Candidate macro and small cell site selection
  • Automatic site placement for greenfield networks

Multi-RAT Network Optimisation

  • Combined 5G NR/LTE/NB-IoT/UMTS/GSM and 5G NR/LTE/NB-IoT/CDMA optimisation objectives
  • Multi-technology cost function
  • Simultaneous display and analysis of multi-RAT optimisation results

Optimisation Control

  • Flexible multi-technology objective definition
  • User-defined cost function including criteria weighting
  • Combination of clutter-dependent and area-dependent thresholds
  • Determination of critical network regions using live network KPIs
  • Pixel-wise geographic weighting of objectives based on traffic maps and UE/cell/MDT traces from live network
  • Assessment of implementation cost by parameter change
  • Progressive evaluation of improvement (gains vs. losses)

Optimisation Results

  • Implementation changes ranked by potential network improvement
  • Complete set of prediction plots for change and improvement analysis
  • Storage of multiple optimisation plans for comparison