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Public Courses in 2023

Who Should Attend?

New and prospective Atoll users worldwide, who wish to master their proficiency with Atoll technologies. For example: 

  • Radio Planning Engineers
  • Consultants
  • R&D staff

Knowledge of RF planning at the level of an RF engineer is mandatory.

Specific prerequisites apply. Please see the details for each course.

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Atoll Public Courses

Atoll Training Materials

Classes and training materials are in English.

Our courses are designed to give you practical experience with Atoll, to get the maximum benefit from the course and to enable you to use Atoll efficiently.

The training materials distributed to the attendees consist of:

  • A soft copy of the slides presented during the course
  • A series of practical exercises. The exercises are given within the context of the presented material, to ensure that each section has been fully understood.

Expert Team of Instructors

All of our trainers are both experts in Atoll and skilled instructors.

Highly knowledgeable in each technology, they ensure that the course is relevant by providing as many realistic examples as possible.

A well-balanced mix of tutorial slideshows and practical exercises make our Public Courses an indispensable tool for mastering Atoll.

We are always ready to offer tailored solutions to best suit the needs of Atoll users. Please enquire here for alternate Public Courses on other Atoll technologies.