Forsk offers a complete range of services to operators for a quick implementation of Atoll and Naos, and in-depth knowledge transfer to users and administrators.

These services enable operators to benefit from the increase in productivity delivered by Atoll and Naos in the shortest period of time. Once the implementation phase is completed, users get assistance through our helpdesk and we can also provide on-site assistance when needed.


Forsk Services


Forsk can provide a turn-key implementation of Atoll and Naos on operator premises and in the cloud, including software installation, system configuration and even complete management of cloud-based deployments. Forsk can migrate data from previous planning software into Atoll and perform propagation model calibration, hence delivering a solution that is ‘ready to use’ right after the installation


Forsk has a comprehensive training course portfolio that covers all activities related to Atoll and Naos: user training, administrator training, technology module and specialised module training (e.g propagation model calibration).

Training courses can be delivered at our training centres in Europe, North-America and Asia as well as on our customer premises. Forsk can also deliver customised training courses upon request.

Check our Training section for updated Public Course schedules and programs.


Forsk provides on-site post-training support in order to help operators within their first few weeks of operational use of Atoll and Naos. During this phase, operators get a comprehensive knowledge transfer from highly experienced Atoll and Naos experts.

Custom Software Development

Forsk can develop additional modules for Atoll and Naos, in order to meet specific integration or functional requirements. Such modules are developed using the standard Atoll Software Development Kit (SDK) and Naos REST APIs in order to achieve full integration and make future evolutions and maintenance easy.

Helpdesk & Support Portal

Once the Atoll and Naos implementation project has been completed, operators get a continuous access to Forsk support through the Forsk Helpdesk and the Support Portal. The Support Portal provides access to a set of online resources and allows users and administrators to log technical questions to the Forsk helpdesk/support team.