Naos Overview

Naos is a cloud-native automation platform for wireless network planning and optimisation.

Naos provides mobile network operators (MNOs) with a framework for designing their own automated RAN planning and optimisation workflows and delivers off-the-shelf scalable computation capabilities for massive pathloss calculations and coverage predictions. Typical use cases include 5G mobile network deployments, country-wide pathloss and coverage calculations, business logic implementation in the RAN, process-oriented RAN planning, dedicated optimisation applications and more.

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Helping MNOs scale automated RAN planning and optimisation processes

Naos allows automating and scaling RAN planning functions into enterprise-wide engineering processes based on operators’ business and technical logic. Naos enables massive and repetitive RAN planning operations to be automated, such as nation-wide coverage predictions, 5G site selection and legacy site decommissioning, neighbour/code planning and more.

Naos supports 5G NR, 4G LTE, and multi-technology radio access networks.  It is compatible with Atoll and uses the same field-proven logic and algorithms adapted to service-based automation environments. Naos is deployable on premises or in the cloud.

Naos allows designing automated RAN planning processes through a workflow management user interface, and through REST APIs that allow programming and integration with business and 3rd party applications with multiple programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, and C++.

Naos Services


Naos combines RAN planning and optimisation features with powerful APIs and services enabling wireless operators to automate RAN planning and optimisation processes.

Advanced Services for Automated RAN Planning and Optimisation

Naos delivers advanced RAN planning and optimisation services to enterprise applications within operators’ RAN automation ecosystems. Naos services include advanced propagation modelling and coverage predictions, automatic cell planning (ACP), neighbour planning (ANR), PCI/PRACH RSI planning services, as well as live network data services enabling to leverage crowdsourced and trace data.

Workflow-based RAN planning automation

Naos allows operators designing automated workflows that will dynamically scale in the cloud and deliver massive calculation capabilities for network-wide calculations. Workflow-management tools allow operators to manage and orchestrate automated processes through graphical user interfaces.

Cloud-native Scalable Architecture

Naos is based on a cloud-native service-oriented architecture that allows for a flexible and scalable deployment in the cloud or on premises. Orchestration and calculation microservices provide operators with flexibility and dynamic scalability to support complex and large-scale calculations.

Further information about Naos cloud-based scalable architecture

REST APIs and Development Tools

Naos allows operators to implement advanced automated RAN planning and optimisation workflows as well as integration with enterprise and 3rd party applications through  REST APIs using programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, and C++.

Further information about Naos REST APIs and automation capabilities

Atoll Compatibility

Naos is compatible  with our flagship product Atoll RF planning and optimisation software and uses the same data structure and algorithms, allowing operators to get proven and consistent results across the entire RAN planning and optimisation chain, from advanced interactive processes to fully automated workflows.