Enhancing Network Performance with Live-Network Data

For mobile network optimisation, the integration of live-network data, sourced directly from the Operational Support System (OSS) and other sources, is paramount. This data encompasses various elements:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Derived from performance counters, these indicators offer a granular view of network performance.

Geolocated Cell-Traces:

These traces provide spatial insights into network functionality and user experience.

Crowdsourced Data:

This data supplements traditional metrics with user-reported network experiences, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of network status.

Using Atoll to optimise Radio Access Networks

Utilising Forsk's Atoll and its Live module, engineers can effectively combine live network data with predictive analytics. This integration is crucial in several optimisation functions:

  • Identifying Congestion Areas: Pinpointing zones requiring additional capacity.
  • Tuning Antennas and Network Parameters: Refining antenna and site parameter configurations for optimal performance.
  • Planning Neighbors and Codes: Planning and optimising 5G NR, LTE PCI, and UMTS Scrambling codes.


The Atoll ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) module further leverages KPIs and UE/MDT traces to drive optimisation functions, including the strategic placement of small cells for maximal network efficiency.