Mobile Network KPI

Performance counters and mobile network KPIs collected at the OSS contain extremely valuable information about the radio access network (RAN) performance with detailed granularity and have the following key advantages:

  • Using  Mobile Network KPIs for optimization is extremely cost effective, since this information is already available at the OSS.
  • Mobile Network KPIs are collected continuously from the RAN (Radio Access Network). Unlike drive tests, the insight they provide is not limited to the time period in which an active measurement campaign has been scheduled. They can be collected on a 24/7 basis.
  • Mobile network KPIs and OSS counters consider all users, taking into account their real experience in terms of radio conditions, indoor losses and traffic distribution.

Mobile Network KPI

Mobile network KPIs are not limited to standard radio measurements or statistics related to protocol events. Additionally, they describe system performance in many other domains, such as resource utilization, internal system events, RRM statistics, etc. Although they do not provide user location, they can be used for statistical calibration of the input data for RF optimization, providing remarkable performance improvements in the field.

Atoll Live Module allows wireless operators to use KPIs as inputs to drive the optimisation functions of the Atoll Automatic Cell Planning module (ACP), as well as well as to plan neighbours and codes (LTE PCI, UMTS Scrambling codes)


Further information about RAN Optimisation:


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