Transmission Link Planning

As traffic grows on the radio access network (RAN), wireless operators need to plan capacity evolutions for the mobile backhaul, based on the RAN traffic and on the backhaul physical and logical topology.

Atoll Microwave includes a backhaul capacity planning module that allows network operators to model backhaul network topologies and to dimension backhaul links according to radio access network traffic. Atoll supports TDM, packet, as well as hybrid microwave and other, wired and wireless, backhaul links as part of a heterogeneous backhaul network.

The Atoll backhaul capacity planning module enables to design the backhaul network by creating logical nodes and paths segments between source and destination nodes, by automatically developing backhaul paths and subnetworks, and by providing the means to analyse end-to-end mobile traffic routing and to optimise backhaul network capacity.


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