Aster is a high-performance propagation model for Atoll that supports macro, micro, and small cell propagation in urban as well as rural environments. Aster also includes a dedicated mmWave propagation model for 5G frequencies above 6GHz.

Aster is based on advanced ray-tracing propagation techniques and combines high accuracy with superior calculation speed.


Aster Propagation Model

  • Support for all 5G, 4G, 3G & 2G radio access technologies
  • Support for operating frequencies from 150 MHz to 60 GHz including mmWave
  • Support for all types of cells with pre-configured and user-defined parameters: macro, micro, and small cells
  • Support for all types of propagation environments: rural, suburban, urban, dense urban

Propagation Modelling

  • 3D radio wave propagation in the presence of buildings, trees, and bridge
  • Vertical diffraction over roof-tops
  • Horizontal diffraction/reflection based on ray-launching
  • Ray-tracing calculation on raster data as well as on vector building data
  • Outdoor-to-indoor penetration, through loss, and indoor-to-outdoor exit loss
  • Diffraction over tree canopies, propagation around trunks, and foliage through loss
  • Propagation over water bodies

High-Frequency Propagation Modelling

  • Atmospheric absorption
  • Rain attenuation
  • Random blocking
  • LoS propagation at different heights
  • Specular reflections

Configuration & Calibration

  • Scalable multi-core calculations
  • Automatic calibration using CW measurements


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