Atoll LTE & 5G NR Public Course


Atoll 5G NR module allows operators to plan and optimise 5G NR networks deployed in both NSA (Non Standalone) and SA (Standalone) modes.
Atoll’s modular and advanced radio technology modelling capabilities, along with the support for mmWave propagation, massive MIMO, and 3D beamforming, provide operators with a complete and evolutionary framework for the design and deployment of 5G NR networks.

Atoll supports integrated network planning for multi-RAT networks. It features a multi-technology network database, a unified traffic model, a combined Monte Carlo simulator, and a multi-RAT ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) module. Atoll provides operators with a comprehensive and evolutionary framework for planning and optimising multi-technology networks including small cells, integrated Wi-Fi, and IoT.

Who should attend?

  • Radio Planning Engineers
  • Consultants with strong RF planning background
  • Radio Planning R&D team members
  • Any current or future Atoll user involved in 5G NR activity for design and deployment of cellular wireless networks


  • Knowledge of 3GPP GSM, UMTS/W-CDMA and LTE standards.
  • Knowledge of LTE technology and RF planning at engineering level.
  • Knowledge of 5G technology

Course Outline

Part 1: Atoll General Features

  • General Introduction
  • Working Environment
  • Managing Geographic Data
  • Managing Radio Data
  • Project Outputs

Part 2: Atoll LTE & LTE Advanced Features

  • LTE Concepts and Planning Overview
  • Prediction Studies Based on Cell Loads
  • MIMO boost
  • ICIC techniques
  • Neighbour Allocation
  • Automatic Frequency, PCI and PRACH RSI Allocation
  • Frequency, PCI and PRACH RSI Plan Analysis
  • MIMO Features with enhanced MIMO
  • Carrier Aggregation modes
  • LTE TDD Mode
  • Monte-Carlo Based Simulations

Part 3: Atoll 5G NR Features

  • 5G NR Predictions
  • Automatic PCI and PRACH RSI Allocation
  • PCI and PRACH RSI Plan Analysis
  • Non-standalone (NSA) and Standalone deployment (SA)
  • FD-MIMO Modelling
  • 3D Beamforming
  • Bandwidth parts and Carrier Aggregation modes

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Course Details

  • DATES: to be defined
  • DURATION: 5 websessions
  • SCHEDULE: 9:00AM - 12:00PM [Central European Time]
  • LOCATION: online courses
  • FEE: 1,500€, including training materials

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Atoll In-Building Module

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