Naos - Automation and integration platform for RAN planning and optimisation

Naos is a scalable, service-oriented platform that enables the automation of wireless network planning and optimisation tasks using enterprise applications.

Naos provides mobile operators with a framework for designing and developing their own automated RAN planning and optimisation workflows. Typical use cases include 5G site selection, business planning, process-oriented radio planning and optimisation, dedicated optimisation applications and more.

Naos supports 5G NR, LTE and multi-technology HetNets. It is fully compatible with Atoll and uses the same field-proven calculation algorithms.


Naos Overview


The Naos ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) module enables automated decision-making processes. Typical Naos ACP use cases include the automation of 5G site selection, strategic and business planning, routine optimisation of network parameters, and more.

The Naos Live module allows injecting live network traffic data and KPIs into the automated ACP processes.

Naos is deployable as a Windows or a Web Service remotely controlled through COM or REST APIs, allowing automation with multiple programming languages such as Python, C# and C++.

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Atoll 5G Capabilities

Atoll 5G NR module allows operators to plan and optimise 5G networks based on the 3GPP specifications.

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