Here you'll find information about the general features of Atoll and Atoll Microwave.

GIS Features

  • Optimised cartographic data management features with support of digital elevation models, clutter data (type and height), 3D building data (vector/raster), traffic data, scanned maps, vector data, population, and climate data
  • Integrated cartography editor (vector/raster)
  • Interface with GIS tools: MapInfo, ArcGIS, Google Earth
  • Support for Web Map Services (WMS) and online maps (Bing, Open Street Maps, etc.)

Propagation Modelling

  • Full support for multi-resolution prediction plots
  • Comprehensive integrated propagation model library
  • High-performance ray-tracing Aster and Aster mmWave propagation models (option)
  • Automatic propagation model tuning
  • Integration of external propagation models

User and Database Management

  • Advanced administration module supporting data access and user privilege management
  • Flexible database structure allowing integration of user-defined parameters and custom fields
  • Multi-user support including database consistency management, data synchronisation, and user disconnection/reconnection from/to the database
  • Support for standalone, centralised, distributed configurations
  • Advanced import/export features allowing quick data migration from other radio and backhaul planning software


  • Scripting language allowing integration of user-defined macros
  • User-defined calculations based on macros and scripts

Distributed Computing and Multi-threading

  • Multi-threading/parallel computing on multi-core systems
  • Distributed computing on networked workstations and servers


  • Flexible report generator including traffic, population, and clutter-based statistics
  • User-defined reports based on macros
  • Export of reports and prediction plots in industry-standard formats

Measurement Module (option)

CW measurements

  • Import, display, and analysis of CW measurement data
  • Prediction/measurement comparison and statistical analysis
  • Automatic propagation model tuning

Drive test data

  • Import, display, and analysis of drive test data
  • Call events display and analysis
  • Automatic propagation model tuning


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Atoll 5G Capabilities

Atoll 5G NR module allows operators to plan and optimise 5G networks based on the 3GPP specifications.

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