Atoll offers a powerful platform for operators to plan and optimise NB-IoT networks as independent deployments or on top of LTE. Atoll is being used by a large number of IoT operators worldwide.

Atoll NB-IoT

Atoll supports integrated network planning for multi-RAT networks. It features a multi-technology network database, a unified traffic model, a combined Monte Carlo simulator, and a multi-RAT ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) module.

Atoll provides operators with a comprehensive and evolutionary framework for planning and optimising multi-technology networks including small cells, integrated Wi-Fi, and IoT.



NB-IoT Network Modelling

  • Support for NB-IoT frequency bands and carriers (200 kHz occupied, 180 kHz used)
  • Support for different deployment configurations: standalone, guard band, and in-band
  • Support for NB-IoT signals and logical channels: NRS, NSSS, NPSS, NDMRS, NPBCH, NPDCCH, NPDSCH, NPUSCH
  • Modelling of NB-IoT frames, slots, subcarriers, and resource units
  • Modelling of downlink and uplink repetitions
  • Support for single-tone as well as multi-tone NPUSCH operation
  • Support for 3.75 kHz tone width in addition to 15 kHz
  • Support for multi-carrier operation with definition of anchor and slave cells

NB-IoT Traffic Modelling

  • Modelling of machine-type communication services with data payloads per message and messages per day
  • Modelling of NB UE categories, devices, connectivity profiles, and traffic environments
  • Multi-service raster and vector traffic demand maps from multiple sources including traffic data from live network measurements
  • Fixed end-point traffic modelling

Predictions and Analysis

Advanced NB-IoT Monte Carlo simulator including power control and RRM. Precise calculation of interference between NB-IoT signals and channels as well as between LTE and NB-IoT

Generation of prediction plots, including:

  • Cell and network coverage analysis
  • Numbers of repetitions
  • Downlink and uplink interference analysis
  • Downlink and uplink service areas
  • Effective service areas
  • Downlink and uplink throughputs
  • Downlink and uplink quality indicator analyses
  • NPCI, NPSS ID, and NSSS ID collisions

Multi-RAT Network Planning

Integrated planning and optimisation for NB-IoT with 5G NR, 4G LTE, 3G UMTS, and 2G GSM:

  • Unified network databases with site and antenna sharing
  • Unified multi-service traffic model
  • Combined Monte Carlo simulator
  • Simultaneous display and analysis of network layers

Inter-technology interference analysis

Automatic Frequency Planning - AFP (option)

  • User-definable constraints and flexible cost function
  • Hybrid allocation process based on predictions and live network data (neighbours, handover KPIs, interference matrices, etc.)
  • Automatic NB-IoT frequency planning
  • Automatic NPCI planning considering NPSS, NSSS, and UL NDMRS collisions
  • Optional in-band allocation of the same PCI as LTE

Automatic Cell Planning - ACP (option)

  • Automatic optimisation of network coverage and capacity
  • Site selection and activation for greenfield deployments as well as on top of existing LTE network
  • Advanced radio coverage, quality, as well as capacity and throughput objectives
  • Antenna selection and parameter optimisation (height, azimuth & tilt)

Automatic Site Positioning - ASP (option)

  • Automatic creation of new site locations according to surface-wise, traffic-oriented and population-based coverage objectives
  • Site deployment in multiple zones (urban, suburban, rural  etc.), along roads and railways
  • Intelligent implementation plan with the selection of the best sites to deploy

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Atoll In-Building Module

In-building network design within the Atoll framework, providing unique indoor/outdoor network planning capabilities

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