Atoll TD-SCDMA has been developed in partnership with major players in the TD-SCDMA scene in China, and is the most widely used TD-SCDMA planning software on the market.

Atoll supports TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE co-planning, and allows TD-SCDMA operators to plan and analyse the evolution of their networks towards 4G TD-LTE.

TD-SCDMA Network Modelling

  • Support for N-Frequency mode
  • TD-SCDMA equipment modelling including RRM and capacity parameters
  • Smart antenna modelling
  • HSDPA modelling
  • UpPCH shifting modelling
  • MBMS modelling

TD-SCDMA Traffic Modelling

  • Modelling of voice and data services
  • Modelling of user equipment, user profiles and traffic environments
  • Multi-service raster and vector traffic demand maps from multiple sources including traffic data from live network measurements

TD-SCDMA Simulation and Analysis

Advanced TD-SCDMA Monte Carlo simulator including timeslot modelling, smart antenna modelling, and dynamic channel allocation (DCA) modelling

Generation of prediction plots, based on simulations or on user-defined cell load figures, including:

  • Downlink and Uplink Eb/Nt levels
  • Required power
  • Effective service areas
  • Cell-to-cell interference
  • UpPCH interference
  • P-CCPCH pollution
  • Offered/required capacity per cell
  • DwPCH, UpPCH coverage
  • Baton handover areas
  • HSDPA channel quality
  • HSDPA throughputs
  • MBMS service areas

Neighbour and Scrambling Code Planning

  • Manual and automatic multi-carrier neighbour planning
  • Automatic scrambling code allocation supporting various allocation strategies
  • Scrambling code allocation analysis and interference plots
  • Automatic carrier allocation

2G/TD-SCDMA Co-planning

  • Site sharing
  • Simultaneous display and analysis of 2G and TD-SCDMA networks
  • Inter-technology handover modelling

TD-SCDMA/4G LTE Co-planning

  • Site sharing
  • Simultaneous display and analysis of TD-SCDMA and 4G LTE networks
  • Inter-technology handover modelling


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Atoll In-Building Module

In-building network design within the Atoll framework, providing unique indoor/outdoor network planning capabilities

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