With regard to its current activities and its commitments towards its customers, Forsk has been monitoring the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation closely and will implement protocols as recommended by governmental authorities and the WHO (World Health Organization).

Our primary responsibility is the health and safety of our customers, employees, and partners to ensure we can continue to provide critical services during this global event. In support of that effort, we have implemented travel restrictions and, as a consequence, all travels have been cancelled or suspended until the situation has improved.
Forsk is committed to deliver its services and follow its commitments with the best achievable level quality that the current situation allows.

As of today, the impact for our customers is as follows:

  • Professional services such as training, installation, integration work or workshops that were planned to be rendered at customer premises are adjourned to a later date.
  • Whenever possible these missions are substituted with remote work with the aim of achieving the same results and performance.
  • Support services will be provided through the same channels as usual, i.e. phone hotline, mail and web.
  • Employees being unable to answer queries because their inability to work will put in place an OOO message routing customers to the person acting as back-up.

The foreseen risks is that authorities increases confinement measures and that the access to our premises becomes more constrained. In order to address this risk, Forsk has put in place solutions allowing its employees to work remotely using VPN access and remote desktop solutions.

In the case the situation evolves, an update of this continuity plan will be released.

Benoit Guy,