Forsk announces that it entered into an agreement with MTS, Russia’s largest mobile operator and a leading provider of media and digital services, to deploy Atoll for network planning in Russia. This deal covers the replacement of the legacy solution with Atoll, adding 5G capabilities, and several modules of the Atoll suite such as the ACP. The new solution will also include some automatic utilities provided by Forsk that will allows MTS to streamline and accelerate its engineering processes.

Forsk works in cooperation with AZymuth Ltd., its long-time partner in the region, that will supply local support and services such as training to provide a close assistance to MTS.

Vincent Spiegel, Head of Global Sales at Forsk says: “We’ve been working for about 14 years on the Russian market with our partner AZymuth, and we serve many operators in the Russian and CIS region. 5G opens new opportunities for us and we’re proud to now count MTS among our customers. This shows that Atoll meets the particularities of this market, which are to be able to store and manage the huge amount of data required to model a network in this immense country.”

Vladimir Bolshakov, Head of RAN Design Department says: “Within the RFP process for selection of the new radio network planning solution for us, we made a detailed comparison of the software provided by the participants in the competition, that covered the accuracy of the RAT modelling, reliability of results given by optimization modules such as the ACP and calculation performance. Atoll demonstrated the most appropriate results to our requirements and became a clear choice for us. As we operate a network on a very large country, the possibility of making calculations on a very large scale as well as wide capabilities for complex automation of the planning processes make Atoll a future-proof solution in terms of further network growth. The availability of a professional local support provided by AZymuth is a key factor for successful implementation and operation of the solution.

About Forsk
Forsk is an independent software company providing operators and vendors with wireless network design and optimisation products. Atoll, Forsk's flagship product, is a multi-technology wireless network design and optimisation software that allows operators to streamline planning and optimisation activities by combining predictions and live network data. With more than 9500 active licenses installed with 500+ customers in 140 countries, Atoll has become the industry standard for wireless network design and optimisation. Naos is Forsk's automation and integration platform dedicated to wireless network planning and optimisation. Naos is a non-interactive server-based platform that enables operators to automate planning and optimisation processes as well as integrate radio planning and optimisation calculations with enterprise applications. Naos is fully compatible with Atoll.

Atoll and Naos provide operators with a comprehensive framework for integrated, interactive, and fully automated wireless network planning and optimisation. Atoll and Naos are available through Forsk's offices and technical support centres in France, USA, and China, as well as through a worldwide network of distributors and partners.

About MTS

Mobile TeleSystems PJSC (“MTS” - NYSE:MBT; MOEX:MTSS), the leading telecommunications group in Russia and the CIS, provides a range of mobile, fixed-line and digital services. We serve over 80 million mobile subscribers in Russia, Armenia, and Belarus, and about 9 million customers in Russia of fixed-line services, including fixed voice, broadband internet, and pay-TV. To keep pace with evolving customer demand, MTS is redefining what telecommunications services are by offering innovative products beyond its core network-related businesses in various tech segments, including Big Data, financial and banking services, internet of things, OTT, cloud computing, systems integration and e-commerce. We leverage our market-leading retail network as a platform for customer services and sales of devices and accessories. MTS maintains its leadership in the Russian mobile market in terms of revenue and profitability. MTS is majority-owned by Sistema PJSFC. Since 2000, MTS shares have been listed on the New York Stock Exchange and since 2003 - on the Moscow Exchange. For more information, please visit: