Forsk announces its new Atoll In-Building module, the most recent addition to its Atoll RAN planning and optimisation product offering.

The new Atoll In-Building module allows in-building network design within the Atoll framework, providing operators with unique indoor/outdoor network planning capabilities.

We are proud to add in-building planning capabilities to Atoll”, says Benoit Guy, Forsk’s CEO, “this is a breakthrough in the RAN planning and optimisation space where outdoor and indoor planning tools had long been completely separated. Our strong R&D efforts have allowed us, with Atoll, to provide a single RAN planning and optimisation platform that can deal with country-wide network plans while supporting the centimetric precision that is required for in-building planning activities. Atoll is pushing the RAN planning and optimisation software market to the next level, where outdoor and indoor planning can be performed within the same tool. This will allow operators to design and deploy 5G wireless networks more effectively and help them streamline the overall network design process”.

Atoll In-Building includes a comprehensive set of indoor planning features, such as modelling of floor plans and building elements, indoor propagation, equipment installation layouts, and
automatic calculation of bills of materials, that enable operators to streamline the overall indoor/outdoor RAN planning process.

About Forsk

Forsk is an independent software company providing operators and vendors with wireless network design and optimisation products.

Atoll, Forsk's flagship product, is a multi-technology wireless network design and optimisation software that allows operators to streamline planning and optimisation activities by combining predictions and live network data. With more than 9500 active licenses installed with 500+ customers in 140 countries, Atoll has become the industry standard for wireless network design and optimisation.

Naos is Forsk's automation and integration platform dedicated to wireless network planning and optimisation. Naos is a non-interactive server-based platform that enables operators to automate planning and optimisation processes as well as integrate radio planning and optimisation calculations with enterprise applications. Naos is fully compatible with Atoll.

Atoll and Naos provide operators with a comprehensive framework for integrated, interactive, and fully automated wireless network planning and optimisation. Atoll and Naos are available through Forsk's offices and technical support centres in France, USA, and China, as well as through a worldwide network of distributors and partners.